How to Log Tasks and Create Transparent and Accountable Workplace Using Free Tools?

Do you still use Excel to log your team’s tasks and try to calculate the time spent for each process? Have you found that not all your teammates remember to fill in the Excel? Do you find analyzing data in Excel difficult due to inconsistent formatting? You are not alone. I have the same problems …

Is Berkshire Hathaway a Good Buy?

This post is written at 23 March 2020. I think many of you know Berkshire Hathaway, the company managed by Warren Buffet. The company has a lot of subsidiaries, ranging from insurance, freight rail transportation, utility, to real estate brokerage services, and many others. According to the 2019 annual report, the compounded annual gain from …

Math and Machine Learning Resources for Self Learner

Linear Algebra Textbook: Linear Algebra Done Right (Edition 3)Selected Exercises: Berkeley Math 110Solutions: Link Textbook: Linear Algebra Done Wrong Probability Introduction to Probability and Machine Learnings Cornell CS4780 Machine Learning for Decision MakingYouTube: webpage: note:

What if CCL Goes Bankrupt? Net Liquidating Value of Carnival Corp (CCL)

When Covid-19 will end is an unknown. Although it is believed that CCL liquidity can sustain the business for half a year or even a year, there is still a possibility of bankruptcy. If the current price of CCL is below it’s liquidating value, buying the stock can be a good investment since even if …

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