The return is calculated using the time-weighted return. For a detail explanation on how to calculate portfolio return and what is the difference between time-weighted return and money-weighted return, please refer to this article.

wdt_ID Year SPXTR EFA VT Portfolio
1 2,020 18.40 7.59 16.61 33.56
2 2,021 28.71 11.46 18.27 -0.13
Year SPXTR EFA VT Portfolio

Indexes: VOO, VOOG, BRK, 2801, currently account for around 50% of the portfolio.


April 2020USO-1.07%Post
August 20219988-2.16%Not necessary a mistake.


July 2020TSM9.46%


  • 202106: take profit and withdraw a relatively large share of the portfolio to support other financing needs; leverage reduced to zero.
  • 202206: reduce leverage to nearly 0 by liquiding VOO and INTC. Taking a loss on INTC and reducing exposure to the US stock market since China Market is more attractive.

Investing Philosophy


  • Learn coz things change
  • Invest in assets that produce cash flow
  • Find assets that I will hold for a long period of time
  • Know the difference between price and value
  • Use some leverage
  • Choose assets by opportunity costs (Your next best option)
  • Invest in both U.S. and China


  • Be forced to sell due to using too much leverage
  • Sell in panic mode
  • Pay attention to the economic forecast
  • Diversify
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