This would be a rather casual article just to keep up with the writing habit. Recently, I have been quite busy with my daytime work, and I have spent less time writing.

I usually spend my free time, either working on some side projects or learning (Of course, wasting some time). For side projects, I am working on a causal model for credit risk. I am looking at an open dataset from Lending Club, a p2p lending company in America, and trying to find casual relationships between features, and default rates through data. I am also looking for some more long-term projects that I may be passionate about.

I am recently refreshing my knowledge in writing mathematical proofs, and Calculus. My training at the University is more towards applied mathematics. I am actually quite interested in learning mathematics in a more rigorous way. Apart from that, I spend around 15 mins every day in an app called Duolingo to learn Spanish. I have pretty much no idea about Latin America. But after my current company’s expansion in the area, I became more interested in it.

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