One of the most common pieces of advice I received during my study at the university was to leave my comfort zone. You should go try something different, something you feel uncomfortable with. I think this is to some extent a good advice because you are being challenged and therefore, grow faster.

I would argue that we should only risk very little in areas outside our comfort zone. Our energy should focus on what we are good at and competent with. The reason is simple: how can you, a newbie, compete with others who are good at and competent with what they are doing. I am interested in a few industries recently, for example, social e-commerce and the near-expired food industry. I found that if you are not already working in those industries, the chance of success is pretty small. I don’t know the key players. I don’t know their strengths and weaknesses. I don’t know the pain points of the industry. To understand those details, I may need to spend years working in the industry. Knowing your Circle of Competence is much more important than the advice of leaving your comfort zone.

It does not mean we cannot change or expand our circle of competence. It just takes time. Before you are competent, it is better not to risk everything.

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