To be honest, I don’t like meetings. There are mainly two reasons. First, I find it disturbing to switch from one task to another. I would prefer a 4-hour uninterrupted block of time to break it into 1-hour blocks because to make things, for example, an analysis, a program, or even a PPT, it takes an hour just to warm up. Second, a lot of meetings are not efficient. People come unprepared or we need to have another meeting because nothing happens after the last meeting (LOL).

Most senior people are on the manager’s schedule. Their calendars are broken into 30mins to 1-hour blocks. There is nothing wrong with this. The problem arises when two kinds of schedules meet together. Makers found it disturbing to be invited to meetings and the meetings break their time into fragments which lowers their efficiency.

As a manager, we need our teammates to get things done efficiently. It is our responsibility to make the team efficient. Maybe we can reduce the number of meetings. Some meetings may not be necessary, like “FYI” meetings. Why can’t we just write an email and save everyone’s time? Maybe we need to come prepared. Read the materials before the meeting and at the same time, request materials to be prepared before the meeting. Finally, as a manager, it is OK to have some free block of time. Your calendar does not need to be full.

Meetings are costly to the team and organizations. I think as an organization, we should have more priority on the maker’s schedule than the manager’s schedule. Even though we have a great direction, we need people to make it happens. Whenever we want a meeting, ask yourself whether this is necessary and are prepared enough to provide the information needed so that everyone can make a decision and come up with to-dos after the meeting.

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