I have written a few articles on how to learn a programming language before, for example, How to self learn Python? and Some resources to self learn Python. Currently, when I try to find out how to build a web application, I started to reflect on my approach.

The first thing I search on Google is of course how to write a web application. But what I am looking for is not a specific language, but rather some frameworks to do the job. I indeed encountered programming languages like Javascript, CSS, HTML. But I am more interested in the framework, like Angular, React, and Vue. Then I started to think about how I learnt Python in the first place. I did not learn Python, the language alone. At that time, I want to write data processing programs for Air Modelling. Then I learnt Pandas, to begin with. It is similar to Angular for web development framework using Javascript. It is a data processing framework using Python.

Then, I started to realize that to learn the tools you need to build something, first, you need to learn through a project (actually building something); second, you need to learn the software framework, Augular for Web, Pandas for data processing, Sklearn for Machine Learning, for example; third, go through the basic “you need to know” for the programming language you are going to use.

Unless you want to be a real software engineer (inventing the framework maybe), all we need to do is to transform some business requirements into applications. I think it is more effective to learn through a project using some framework designed for that purpose.

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