Date: 3 October 2020

How many news apps are installed on your phone? I used to have many. Every day, you will receive hundreds of notifications telling you what you should read now. I don’t like being passively fed with information that I don’t really care. So, I found a way to read only what I need by using the RSS Feed.

I used Feedly (No affiliation) to subscribe for the website’s RSS feed. Most of the websites contain RSS. Just paste the website link into Feedly and subscribe to the feed.

With that, you will only receive the updates from sources that you like. Sometimes, it is not enough since you may not care about all the topics, for example, you only care about Donald Trump’s news.

If that is you, you can use Feedly’s Leo, an AI-powered topic analyzer. After you define the topics you would like to read, Leo will prioritize those topics for you. For example, I would like to prioritize a certain author. I can do that in Leo.

If some websites do not contain an RSS feed, you can use some tools to make one yourself. But, I found simply using the Google Keyword Alert function in Feedly better. You can just type the keyword, e.g., website name, and let Google do the data scraping for you. If there are updates from the website, the information will be fed into Feedly.

So, ditch all your news apps and give it a try and see if that works for you. Also, let me know your efficiency hacks!

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